Meet the Curatorial Team of Open Labs & Public Programmes


Matteo Marziano Graziano


Matteo Marziano Graziano is a Berlin-based queer choreographer, whose work exists between the fields of contemporary performance and experimental music theatre. His choreographic work has been present a.o. at Tanzfabrik Berlin, PACT Zollverein, ICKamsterdam, KOW Gallery Berlin, Schaubühne Berlin. Matteo has been danceWEB scholarship recipient in 2017 and since 2018 he is in-house choreographer at BTT Balletto Teatro di Torino. He holds a MA Choreography from HZT Berlin. He has recently performed for Doris Uhlich, Amanda Piña, Tino Sehgal.

As director and choreographer, he works both for film and video as well as for the stage, choreographing contemporary performance productions, opera and experimental music theatre, including immersive and participatory formats along with site-responsive interventions. He occasionally performs for like-minded artists and colleagues.

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Alexandra Tryanova

Associate Curator

Alexandra Tryanova is an independent curator, founder of the Kunsthalle Lustdorf (Odessa) and the NGO Neuer Shamir. She works with topics of recreation, Eastern European conceptual art, gender, and institutional critique. She was the curator of the Museum of Odessa Modern Art and the junior curator of the PinchukArtCentre. Among the exhibitions: Getting there once again: a lyrical tale in III acts (Sofia, 2020), PinchukArtCentre Prize (Kyiv, 2020), Ain`t nobody's business (Kyiv, 2019), (un)named. Nikita Kadan (Odessa, 2018), STAS and all this confusion with the modern art market and art in general. In memoriam to Stas Volyazlovsky (Odessa, 2018).


Nikita Khudiakov


Nikita Khudiakov is a Ukrainian cultural manager, CEO of VR Agency OCHI and Director of NGO “ART optimists”, focused on building bridges between art, technology and science. He is the Senior teacher of VR and AR course at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and coordinator of the FRONTIER VR Art Festival and VR art hackathons. 


Alexandra Cardenas


Alexandra Cardenas is a Colombian composer and improviser now based in Berlin, who has followed a path from Western classical composition to improvisation and live electronics . Her recent work has included live coding performance, including performances at the forefront of the Algorave scene, she also co-organised a live coding community in Mexico City. At the 2014 Kurukshetra Festival Cardenas was a keynote speaker and hosted a music live coding workshop, the first of its kind in India. Cardenas has been invited to talk about and perform live coding at events such as the Berlin based Transmediale festival and the Ableton sponsored Loop symposium, and held residencies including at Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan and Centre for the Arts in Mexico City.


Daryna Fes 


Daryna Fes ( is an independent media artist based in Ukraine and working primarily with interactive VR. Main themes of her projects are differences and similarities between physical and digital worlds, ways of transition from one world to another and our [un]awareness of it, concepts of infiniteness and limits, perception of the human body and emotions. She is using game engines (Unity and Unreal Engine) to program environments that react to the viewer's presence.


Marco Modena


Marco Modena is a digital designer based in Verona (Italy). He is an executive manager in Algoritmi’s Hubs projects: TheDome, TheCircle, Algo24. Working as 3D Architectural Visualizer and Graphic Design Consultant. In June 2020 he was teaching Blender tips and tricks inside Hubs for ACADEMY 2020: an Algoritmi & UXR Project. 

Sophia Bulgakova -portrait.jpeg

Sophia Bulgakova


Sophia Bulgakova is a Ukrainian artscientist, currently based in The Hague, Netherlands. She was studying sculpture in Kyiv and then getting a foundation diploma in Photography and Time-Based Media at the University of the Arts, London in the UK. She graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty in Royal Academy of the Art, The Hague and Royal Conservatory, The Hague. Sophia is working on the intersection between art, technology and society with a particular focus on the relationship between light, perception and imagination.


Soyun Park


Soyun Park is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from South Korea, who is currently based in The Hague. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, where technological development was rapidly being intertwined with daily life, she found the need to explore her own position in the digital realm.


In her work she explores how technology is affecting and changing human discourses from the individual level all the way to politics and communities. Her work takes the form of films, installations, and audiovisual performances that experiment with a variety of new media and technologies. She is also a founder of a community-based studio RGBdog.